Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Collection of thoughts from Fringe

Too much randomness and things to do during Fringe.  As much as I wanted to document everything, it's too painful and embarrassing to remember it, which I'd rather not.  So while cleaning up the blog for the new year, I'm just putting them in one post, so I can move on.

The pain of writing:
Less than 20 days until the Fringe and dread has set in. Not quite panic yet, but just dread. I should be up on my feet, running the show, learning my lines, but I am caught up in still editing my story. I'm told the story is never done, but I would truly like it to be.  Everytime I read it, I am filled with, well dread.

The day after.
I'd like to say I survived.  It was a grueling experience and yes, I survived!  After a major meltdown (if I were an iceberg, I think I could've rehydrated Califonia's drought) it is a new day.  
What is all this insanity?  Well, over the weekend, was a preview for my first Fringe show.  It's a soloshow, that I had been working on for quite some time and I bit the bullet and...

Getting ready...Well, it's happened.  I registered for Fringe.

Right now you're wondering, "fringe are the long dangling things that swirl in the wind on my shawl."  Yes, that's right, but Fringe is also theatre that is experimental in their style or subject matter.  Now, I am preparing 

How do you keep writing:
Everything has a goal.  It helps when you're writing, because when you reach it, you feel accomplished.  It also helps to keep you writing.  You want to reach the end at some point, a place that may not be the end you intended, because that's what happens when you write, but an end for now.