Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Notes for feedback

When you're working on a project, and it's ready to be heard, what do you do?  You have it read.   After you're done cringing (oh, wait,  that was me) sit back and listen to words being performed.  It's a bit different than you saying it out loud with the meaning you know behind each word.  After the reading, ask your audience to hang out for a bit and offer some feedback.

Things to think about when you hear/read someone else's work:

1) What are the powerful aspects of the work?
2) How were you moved/engaged by the topic, style, language, or characters?
3) What, if any, sections felt unclear or confusing?
4) What was missing that could expand the work within the given section?
Details, encounters, dialogue, ‘truth’ -- in a positive way that can expand the writer’s perspective and provide a richer experience within the chosen genre and style?
5) Mark any great passages that zero in on the essence of the story/script/essay.

happy writing!