Friday, October 10, 2014

Writing prompt - Yellow cars?

10 minute Writing Prompt:

All cars should/shouldn't be painted yellow...

Aren't they called buses and taxis?  Wouldn't that get confusing?  All cars should not be painted yellow.  Although I love the colour, it makes me think of mustard hotdogs and big bird, I would not want every car painted yellow.  How homogenous.  How plain and boring.  I am imagining a world filled with yellow cars.  Imagining the different models of cars and trucks.  A yellow Prius or pickup truck.  Even police cars would be yellow.  Now that would be good for them I suppose.  They may write more tickets as they could sneak up on you.  Although, you could also elude them in a sea of yellow, so it may be to their disadvantage.  Yellow cars may also affect crime, as witness statements would be worthless.  "yes, yes I did see the criminal, he drove off in a yellow car".  People wouldn't be able to find their cars and would have to start blinging them out so they could stand apart.  A new mini industry would pop of because of it.  Maybe individualized car horns, you know like a car alarm, but it would help you find your car.  GPS parking apps would be invented so you could tag your car and play a game of "hot and cold" as you got nearer or farther from your car.  Sparkly license plate covers would add another level of personalization to it.  And would it be just one shade of yellow, bright and sunny, or could you veer off into its shades of mustard and...are there other shades of yellow?  Oh, pale yellow, like the morning sky.  Fluffy yellow, like a new born chick.

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