Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fringe Festivals!

When my writing partner and I started our online creative sessions, we were dreaming big.  In one weekly discussion we began to talk about where we would take our shows once we were ready to hit the road.  Another friend had recently gone to Edinburgh for Fringe and we wanted to do the tour of the different festivals.  That talk stopped once we got down to writing. 
But with this new found energy that I have, and the near completion of my show, topped off with my helping out a local Hollywood Fringe show, I am looking back into it.
Last year when I was in writing class, one of my classmates signed up for the Festival.  In a show of solidarity, I signed up my show.  I never participated, because I didn't like the end result and I had honestly forgotten to complete the sign up.   But cheers to motivation. 

What is Fringe?

Fringe theatre is theatre that is not of the mainstream.

Here's a line-up of potential places: (let me know one's you're fond of)

Montreal Fringe