Sunday, May 18, 2014

I feel official!

As I've told you before, I'm attempting to document my journey with this play.  Granted, it's also helping procrastinate from not finishing my play.  The following is from the 2nd interview I've done regarding my epic tale (as I like to call it).  

It was very cool going to 7-11 and picking up the L.A. Times and finding the local section.  There I was on the fold on page A-10 of the Burbank Leader and online at Glendale News-Press.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Statistics and Numbers

I have a new character.  Mr. Frederick (his names comes from watching too much Warehouse 13 while writing, he's a MR. because I needed a male character).
He works for Indian Affairs.
He is a man of numbers.  Statistics.
Here are some numbers that are being thrown around.

Urban Aboriginal People
Indian Status
Stats Canada
The Indian Register
Aboriginal People

More than one million people in Canada identify themselves as an Aboriginal person, or 4% of the population (as of 2006). Fifty-three percent are registered Indians, 30% are Métis, 11% are Non-status Indians and 4% are Inuit. Over half (54%) of Aboriginal people live in urban areas.

"First Nations people" refers to Status and Non-Status "Indian" peoples in Canada. Many communities also use the term "First Nation" in the name of their community. Currently, there are 617 First Nation communities, which represent more than 50 nations or cultural groups and 50 Aboriginal languages.

A total of 1,172,790 people identified themselves as an Aboriginal person, that is, North American Indian (hereafter referred to as First Nations people in this report), Métis or Inuit in the 2006 Census of Population. The census counted 976,305 Aboriginal people in 2001 and 799,010 in 1996. There were nearly 700,000 First Nations people identified in 2006 as well as approximately 390,000 Métis and just over 50,00 Inuit.

I'm a postcard

Sometimes you need to think things out before you say yes.   That weird moment you pick up your mail and you see yourself looking back.