Monday, March 24, 2014

10 reminders about writing

Notes that I've found on my way to finishing my one-person show.

1. Don’t sensor or pass judgement
2. Start writing and keep writing
3. Have faith –trust that you will lead yourself out of “the forest”
4. Take the detours
5. There is no right or wrong way
6. Screw grammar and punctuation!
7. Coin a phrase – make it up – keep going!
8. The first draft is from the heart – all subsequent revisions come from the brain (that’s where you revise and edit)
9. Start with yourself – then branch out
10. Give yourself permission


Well.  It's happened.  My one-person show has come back from the depths of my soul.  After last year's reading, I really wasn't ready to move on with the show.  What had developed after 6 months of working on it, was not what I had wanted.  The story became much too personal for me and I wasn't prepared for that.  After sitting with this story for so long, I was just happy it was done.
But now, I have the opportunity to workshop it with an actor, director and dramaturg.  So I am excited and crazy scared.  I need to write everyday.  I'll try.  That's all I can promise.  So I'm going to vlog about my progress.