Tuesday, April 5, 2011


No, I do not sleep in that.  My dad’s just a little strange, and I’m not really sure why he puts it up.  Yup, that’s a tee-pee, what else am I supposed to say.

Working title "in search of the red road and me"
What am I doing, and who am the fuck am I, I really don't know anymore.  I walk around with this huge chip on my shoulder, and I've resigned myself to just kicking back and watching people.  You know I used to be a real goofball ok maybe I still am but I have some reservations now.  I hate the fact that I actually care if people stare at me, b/c then I'm wondering "what are the thinking of me?" 
I so want to be someone other than me, anyone, and I'm not sure how this attitude ever came about

"What is wrong with me?"  I just don't get it.  Maybe it would be different had I grown up there.
Hi, my name is Jennifer Bobiwash, no not Running Deer or Little Elk and yes, I am Native American, American Indian, or whatever the PC word is today.  I did not grow up on the rez, so other skins, just looked at me different.  I was born shortly after my mom graduated high school.

Hi, my name is ruby swims too slow.  That’s right, ruby swims too slow.  Growing up I’d always wanted my name to be something like, Michelle brown.  Simple, not a lot for people to make fun of, can you imagine my childhood?  I’m from northern Canada, and went to an all-French school.  You can only imagine how swims too slow came out in a thick French-Canadian accent (say name in a French access) "Mademoiselle Swims too slow"