Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mercy Hospital 7/23/09

7/23/09                                Mercy Hospital”
·         Hey, I’m looking for the set of Mercy Hospital?  Stage 1? 
·         I’m supposed to check-in with Kevin or Catherine?  Great thanks. (Walks to Stage 1)
·         Hmm…I wonder who’ll be here today?  I am so glad they called me back for this show.  I thought I really messed up the last time.  Ralph!  What’s up?  How are things with you?
·         (Aside) Everytime I see Ralph, it makes me sad a little.  He’s got to be in his 60s, he drive a beat up car, insists on wearing some weird hanky around his neck, collects can, he walks around as if he’s a homeless person and digs in garbage cans for cans and water bottles.  I’m embarrasses a bit by it.
7/27/09                                Random
I need motivation and encouragement