Tuesday, April 5, 2011

letters to penthouse

It had been a long day, and all I wanted was a glass of wine and some food.  I called my friend Vanessa and we agreed to meet at our regular restaurant.   Vanessa was a stay at home mom, and her days were filled with driving the kids from event to event.  She felt relieved to leave the kids at home with her husband and have a night away.  I had arrived a little early and was waiting at the bar and had made friends with bartender, which is always a must when you anticipate a long night of drinking ahead.  Because the restaurant was a busier than usual, we ended up eating at the bar.  With not much of an appetite, I ordered from the appetizer menu.  I sat and listened to Vanessa endless days with her kids and how her husband had lost interest in her.  Vanessa was still a vibrant woman.  With nothing to do but take care of her kids, she had plenty of free time to work out while the kids were at school.  I had always envied her body.  Tonight she wore a plain black dress, but its neckline plunged to show her latest purchase, new boobs.  I commented on how good they looked and she blushed as she explained the procedure to me and offered them to me to feel their realness.  I hesitated as I reached both arms out and placed my hand on her breasts.  It took two hands to know their full girth.  My heart grew light as I gently squeezed their firmness.  She offered to later show them to me, but I again changed the subject.  We continued to eat and discuss my horrible day.  As we sat at the bar, the hour grew later and the band started to play.  Much to our dismay, it was country night, and the bar quickly filled with a twangy sound and middle aged men in cowboy hats.  Several bottles of wine later, we were on the dance floor two stepping like we belonged there.  The band changed to a slow song as two cowboys approached us and asked us to dance.  I was kind of shy as I had no idea on how to two step, but a second later I was swaying to the sounds of George Strait.   I could feel the cowboy’s muscular arms hold me close to his heaving pecks.  I could feel the warmth of his breath in my ear.  I tingled with excitement.  I could see Vanessa from the corner of my eye giving me the thumbs up.   As the song ended, my cowboy’s kisses grew deeper.  We headed to the patio.  As the night air hit me I could feel the nipples grow hard.  My cowboy pulled me closer as if sensing my chill.  I could feel the heat of his body as we found a dark corner.  Our kisses grew more intense and I felt his hands moving up my skirt.  His warm fingers tugged at my thong.  He pushed me against the wall and pressed himself against me.  I reached to undo his huge belt bucket and into his pants.  I felt his hardness in my hand as I pushed him into me.  From the corner of my eye I saw Vanessa coming towards us.  As I tried to stop him, the cowboy thrust to the beat of the music.  I pulled him closer and wrapped my legs around him in an attempt to warn Vanessa.  As she approached I saw her unbuttoning her shirt.  She pressed up against the cowboys back and moved my hands to her breasts.  She kissed the back of the cowboys neck and he loosened his grip from me.  Vanessa moved herself between us and reached for me.  I felt her hands move under by skirt moved aside my thong skillfully as I let out a gaps of delight.  The cowboy not knowing what to do, watch in amazement as my hands began to untie her bra.