Tuesday, November 9, 2010


After being sick for a week, and not in a happy I'm fabulous mood, Roxanne decided to go to the audition. It was for a soap opera, and she should have put more thought into it, but she didn't. Not quite the soapy star, she dressed in jeans, high heels and some soft scrunchy shirt. Still feeling a little under the weather, she thought of making her hair stick straight, so she could look more indian, but instead she ran a comb through it, put some make up on and headed out the door. As she walked down the street towards the office, she channeled a confident actress she knew and strutted into casting office. Without her glasses, she could berely see the back of the room so she signed in and took a seat near a few fellows she recognized, giving the obligatory "hug". As she took a seat, bopping to the beat of her sad songs, she felt a tap and looked up. There she was her role model, hair tightly curled and the obligatory cleavage top, stopping by for a quick hello. Her seat faced the door and she could see everyone that walked in. It intrigued her to wonder how indian these people were. Yes, it matters, she thought. These