Thursday, May 20, 2010

Angry v. Inconsiderate

I know over here at Angry Chix, we have a tiny anger problem, but we seldom lash out to the world around us, that's why we play hockey, and even then we don't hit (because fyi: that's not what hockey is about).  We however do not enjoy selfish inconsiderate f***ers!  There is a difference.

What brings this on, you might ask?  Well today while making my twitter rounds I  came across this photo:

The thing that struck me as funny were the comments after this photo.   I would be pissed off on both sides of the argument.  First for the selfish F***er who thought it was OK to park in a no parking zone.  I mean really how can you defend this guy?  It says no parking, so don't park there.  Oooooo, you're some kinda rebel to park there big man (or woman, whichever, it still doesn't make it a diff), I'm sure I sound like a fuddy duddy, but seriously, why?  What makes you think that you deserve to park there, I'm sure there is some policy maker, or city designer that thinks it was a good idea.  You are obviously saying "hey law biding citizens, you're stupid because you drove around the block a million times looking for a parking spot when you could have just parked here in this red zone with a pretty sign that says no parking, that's only a suggestion, I know better, oh I mean I am better than you, hence I will park here".

Secondly, I'd be pissed if I was the the arrogant F***er who totally parked illegally and someone had the gall to put that sign on my car, I mean, sure I parked in a no parking zone, but heck yeah I'm better than all these others who actually listen to "the man".  I'm here to exercise, so I have to park right up front so I don't tire myself out before I work out...

Yeah, no, that just sounds stupid.   Yeah, the more I think about it, the person who wrote the note deserves a shout out for telling this "law breaker" what I'm sure everyone who walked by the car was thinking.  But in the end, I'm sure it did no good because this person hasn't a clue about common decency and thinks the world owes it to them.

Have an angry day!