Saturday, January 2, 2010

What makes an indian?

What defines an indian if it's not in the blood? Blood quantum was used for census purposes by europeans, then also used by the government to determine how savage you were or not. For example, if my dad is full blood and my mom is 3/4, you add those, then divide in two and you get what I would be. You can vote to be how indian you are, one example was is in Oklahoma where one tribe voted that whomever is on the roll right now, now has 4/4, even if they were listed as less before. Blood quantum doesn't make a difference,
You're preserving a culture that's being threatened all the time, by enforcing a blood quantum.
At what point do you you say you're a descendant and not an actual indian.
Family makes you indian? Adoption? if your indian community accepts you, since they have placed.