Saturday, January 2, 2010

Random 9/18/09

She stood behind him as they both looked out to the group that was scattered at the picnic tables.  She resisted the urge to run her fingers thru his black wavy hair.
He turned as if sensing her urge, stood up to face her and without hesitation kissed her.  Although in shock by the sudden kiss, she leaned into him and closed her eyes.  As if sensing her anxiousness, he stopped, his face flush, and still holding her face in his hands, asked "so since you'll be alone tonight, why not come over and I'll keep you company?"  Taking a breath, in an attempt to compose herself, but she couldn't stop smiling, tried to play coy.  "I'll think aboiut it".  His full lips reached to her again as he pulled away "Ok, think about that"  and turned back to the picknic table.  Her head was spinning.  What had just happened?