Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Questions to answer

The first time I was afraid
The last time I felt fear
All the things I say in my head that I can't say out loud about the Indian stuff
"Creative Tremors" - what happens when your identity changes
The need to be indian, who was I before?
What's the vortex? Describe it.
Why did I gravitate toward moon people.
Can she "play the field" by telling people, she was other things.
What is my dramatic question and what are the stories that will lead me thru the arc.
Look at the sadness as part of the story.
What is her sensitivity, does she constantly fight the tears or does she let herself cry.
“Need to change the things we can’t accept”
What's the opposite of the tears?
What does the crying feel like?
What happens after the tears?
What happened during that moment of loss of control with the tears?
More about the character because she says crying is weak.
Is my crying pavlovyene?
What would be the words to each tear, what's their soundtrack?
What does she learn after she cries?
If there's a mystery, what are you trying to solve?
What do you want us to know about her?