Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I need motivation and encouragement around me. Do I? really? Where have you gone Wanda? my warrior, when did you give on our fight?
I don't what to do Wanda. If pressed to what my dreams are, I don't know them anymore. If I traveled back to remember my times with Wanda, it would be dreams of singing, dancing and strutting my stuff down the runway or on t.v.. Why does someone want that? Never really concerning yourself cliche until you've overgrown it and all your hopes and dreams have been "booed" out of you. You have to go underground with it all. But not Wanda, she continued on her solemn quest, she wanted to be like the other girls, but how realizes she really wasn't cool. More pathetic than not. Her boyfriend James who lived in Massey was just a kid of a friend of the family, who were thrown together for just that reason. Still my hero. I don't know where my dreams have gone, much less what they were when they left.
How could I let someone take this away from me. My power. My muse. Who exactly this person was, I am not sure. Was it the love of my life who all of a suddenly stopped loving me? No, he probably helped, since after losing him, my love life picked up again and I was back to breaking hearts and couples without even trying. Remember Aaron, Todd's friend an Raina who was pissed at me because we fell asleep talking and watching t.v. I am a cuddler and her apartment was cold, how can you resist a cutie who will let you fall asleep in his arms, I did not break-up him an his girlfriend up. At least I didn't to visit him during Winter Carnival. I would've, had not moved across the country a month earlier.
I have to talk and reminisce about these times because they made me feel special and wanted and above all, pretty.