Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Fighting....

WANDA!!!!! Is all I heard. I sat waiting for the hub bub to settle to see where the voice had come from. I see a head peek from around the corner. "Did you see that? They're discriminating against Chippewas, they missed two fouls!", my brother-in-law points out to me, "doesn't that make you mad?" I sit for a moment wondering what the heck he is referring to, then realize the football game on t.v., I take a deep breath as I am not in the mood for a discussion, which is only his ploy to try and get someone to argue with him. "Yes, Steve, I am deeply infuriated by this," I answer in my most monotone voice, "I have a low self-esteem because of it, the more and more I think of it, I hate myself more..."I actually said it with a straight face, I am in shock. My father-in-law, Bill, sits across from me in pure disbelief. "Really, Wanda?" he asks. I crack a grin, because I cannot believe that they believed me, I am a good actress. I just don't want to have this pointless discussion, but Bill will not let it rest. "I don't understand, how can you be offended 150 years later, the circumstances are different.

My point is that 150 years ago things were different then it may have meant that you were a strong and powerful fighter, but now 150 years later we as a people are not longer the savages you were refering to, it keeps prolonging the stereotype.