Wednesday, December 10, 2008

conversation with mom

you can't fix everybody, do what you can in general, it's not your fault.
Daddy grew up in poverty and felt bad when he was poor and didn't want his family to grow up like.

he drank b/c he felt bad, he tried to fix everybody and he couldn't

what did i miss out on by not living on the rez? is living on the reservation make you more indian?

my reservation didn't have much culture while I was growing up, there was nothing to show me, except the bad things that I did see

they have to want it, to be better for themselves

feel bad for what i have, education, money, not living on the reservation, why do I feel bad if I have all this, I should be going back to the reservation and try to help just one kid

they had structure at one time, and the arrival of the white man was their

why do i want to be indian, b/c i want to show them that you can better yourself and