Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The party was in full force by the time she arrived. The moon hiding behind dark clouds made the evening seem a bit off. She stood on the patio overlooking the party, 80s music permeating the night air, white tents dotting the backyard, each holding their own mischief. She scanned the crowd for a familiar face. She enjoyed parties, but never really liked to attend alone. Tonight was different, the venue intrigued her and she was curious to see its inner workings. It did not disappoint. From the moment she walked through the front entrance she was impressed, it was like something from a movie. The large double entry doors gave way to a light pink, darkly veined marble with a crescent shaped staircase, a large crystal chandelier twinkling overhead, party noises echoing throughout the cavernous foyer. Deep breath. As the waiter passed, she snags a tall bubbling flute from his tray and continues on her way. Putting the glass up to her lips, she could feel the soft burst of the sparkling wine on her nose, leaving a slight imprint of her bottom lip on the rim. Her heels clicked as she walked towards the noise. Another deep breath, another sip. Here she stood leaning against the granite railing, the faint light from the moon and outdoor lighting picked up the tiny pieces of sequins that dotted her dress. She looked out into the sea of faces and found him, how could she not. There he stood, the center of attention, dressed in a dark blazer with white button up shirt, that brought out his tan. His long lean legs covered tightly in dark denim. She could not see his feet, but was sure he had his boots on. The thought of this made her smile. Not wanting to call attention to herself, she stood there for the longest time, taking in the slight smell of freshly cut grass, as well as following his every move.

She was thinking of the first time they met, all those years ago. Again it was his height that lured her to him. In a crowded bar, you couldn't help but notice him. He stood above the crowd, his scruffy face and smiling face just made you want to go to him. She was sitting in a booth with the usual suspects, Jo, Jeanette and Melissa, and their tag-a-long Tanya, as well as some of the other sorority sisters. Also in the booth were some guys from TKE and their pledges. This was a usual Thursday night for them, hanging out at the sorority house making the drink of the day, then dancing the night away at the Alpha on college night. Being regulars at the bar, they knew everyone, but the tall stranger was a new face to her, though familiar, she tried to remember where she had seen him before. All of a sudden the familiar boom of their song rang out, and so did a collective screetch from their booth. One last gulp of their drinks as they pushed their way through the crowd between them and the dance floor. Once there, they circled up and sang along with the song, jumping and bumping to the beat. The song came to an end, and the crowd filtered off the dance floor as a slow song started. She looked around and her posse was either dancing or had escaped the geeks. She felt tap on her shoulder and she cringed, afraid to turn around. Ready with an excuse of why she couldn't dance, she turned, and there he was. The handsome face from earlier. Not really saying a word, but merely shrugging his shoulders, she cocked her head to the side and gave her best coquettish smile and reached up and placed her hands on his shoulders. She settled in the lull of the music and placed her head on his chest. She felt his arms pull hold her a little tighter. She could feel his heart beating against her cheek. This made her smile and tiny butterflies in her stomach flutter. The song neared an end and she loosened her grip on him, looking up to thank him for the dance. He looked down at her, not loosening his grip, and asked if she would mind another dance. The music still slow, she gave a nod as she looked into his eyes. So what's your name he asked. Sally, she replied, as she asked his. Huh, she thought to herself, Sally, really? Where did that name come from? If you're going to make up a name, at least think of something cool, not Sally? With all the talk in her head, she missed his name, it started with an M. Mark? Matthew? He joked and kidded with her as he held her in his arms. She laughed, enjoying herself and not even thinking of her boyfriend, who was hundreds of miles away. The beat picked up again, and people flooded onto the dance floor around them as they parted ways. She stood there watching him as his walked away. Jo grabbed her hand and pulled her over to the group as she lost sight of him through the crowd, to once again bounce and dance.
A familiar voice brought her back to the present. "Nadia darling, so glad you could make it" said the voice. She turned to be greeted by a drunk and sloppy kiss on both cheeks from the hostess, skillfully avoiding the merlot that swished from overfilled wine glass. "Well Mia, you do throw the best parties, I'd hate to miss all the gossip tomorrow" she replied. "Well dear, you know the things that happen here are the tales the legend." Nadia just shook her head, only Mia was vain enough to think this way of her parties were all that. "So dear, who do you have your sights on tonight. You did come alone, didn't you, I didn't see your usual minions." She said with a laugh and another swig of merlot. "They are not my minions, they just look up to me and besides, and this was a last minute decision I didn't want to have to wait the hour for Paige to get ready." "Yes, she is a piece of work" Mia said under her breath, "well, I do have a new boy for you to meet, I found him on my latest travels and had him flown in for the party. Jean-Michel, Jean-Michel" she yelled as she snapped her finger, "ici cheri, j'ai quelqu'un que tu dois rencontrer. Monsier Jean-Michel Lachance, voila mon amie, la jolie Nadia." Nadia held out her hand, as the handsome stranger kissed it, "enchanter mademoiselle" and he gave a courtesy, a smile and a wink. Nadia blushed. "You need a drink darling. Mario, drink for my friend here" Mia barked as she snapped her finger again, "I'll leave you two alone to get acquainted, you do speak french right dear? No matter, I have a feeling there won't be much talking..." she finished with a devilish laugh as she walked away.

"Nadia, quelle jolie nom. Alors, dites moi comment vous connaissez Mia?"
"J'ai rencontrer Mia au Vatican, si vous pouvez croire ca? J'etudiais la bas, et mon italien laissais beaucoup a desirer. Je cherchais un sculpture en particulier et j'essayais de demander l'aide a le trouver. Mia m'a sauver et apres ca on etais inseparable." Nadia was lost in her thoughts and memories of her travels throughout Europe with Mia.
"Et vous? Que faites vous, que vous pouvez laisse tout tomber et venir au Etats? Mia ma dis que t'etais en Paris ce matin."
"Ah, oui, quand Mia vous invite a un party, comment pouvez vous resister. J'aurais du demander ou le party etais."