Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ewwww, what's that smell? It's stinky....can't you smell it. I can't sit here anymore, but I can't move. It's like a fog that surrounds me. It wasn't me honest. I see the the greenish haze around me, a light dampness touches me. Tiny green dew drops settle on me. There are people around me, they carry on as if nothing is going on. Can't they see it, oh my, can't they smell it. I try to blow and whoosh the smell away, but it clings to me like I am trapped in a bubble. I can finally move about, but it follows. I run, it runs. I stop abruptly, so does it. Go away go away, I scream to it. I shake and wave about, but there it hangs. I want it to leave, but it won't. Desperation, can you smell it?