Sunday, October 12, 2008

Celebrity advice, uh ok?

I read the occasional tabloid from time to time and found some wisdom in it. I know, I know, what could you possibly helpfulness could I possibly glean from an overpaid actor, but this surfer dude has a "laissez-faire" attitude that this angry one could use from time to time.

"Just keep living is free enough that you can't really ever make the wrong choice. And it's not an ownership idea…Sometimes it's as basic as waking up and saying, 'Thanks for another d-a-y,' you know? It wasn't guaranteed. Other times, when you got other things going for you, it's 'What do I do with all the gifts I've been given?' Sometimes it's, 'Let's really bear down and get to work.' Other times it's, 'Nope, it's time to just sit here and relax and have a little listen to some music.' Whatever that is, it's something personal to everybody, it's not just me. It's helped me navigate."

Read the full article by Jennifer Cady.* Article has been removed