Wednesday, October 29, 2008


"What the hell people? That was Gran's favorite whiskey, she will know! I told you guys you could drink anything but that. Jason! Stop that! Oh my god people, do I have to hold your hand for everything?" Joanne Littlefeather was a joy to be around most of the time, but not today. Her parents had left her home alone for the first time and look at the mess she had made, they would never trust her again. Barely 15, she was the a star at school. Popular by extension, she still felt a little weird when she went places, like parties, and she worked at the only fastfood restaurant in town, so everyone came in eventually. Being sporty also helped. She knew a lot of the boys her friends drooled over. She was even lucky enough to be in the locker room with them as well.
Being from a small town had its advantages, everyone knew everyone, or at least who they were. How could you not when there was 30 people in your class, and you've been together since you were 5. Joanne had always been a good kid, but she had recently gotten a boyfriend, one that her father didn't exactly approve of. But isn't that always the way it is. You know there must be some truth to movies, ok it's a little exaggerated for dramatic effect, but that's kinda what happens in the school yard. I once thought life imitated art, but with the direction of the world, I think art imitates life.
The love of her life this week was Franklin. Franklin a few years older than her, but still in the same grade as her. He missed way too many classes because he was left home to his own devises. He was from the reservation. He lived in a run down house with his 2 brothers, he was the middle child. Joanne had a thing for tall, dark and brooding, though she did like someone she could hold a conversation. During their whole time dating and all the times she had been to his house, she had never met his parents. They were never there. Money was tight, so they worked on the road somewhere, though she didn't never did find out.
Joanne would sneak out to visit him. Not old enough to drive yet, she would take a cab to go and visit him. She would then have to get to the store so the cab could pick her up, since there was no phone at Franklin's. Not many of the surrounding houses had a phone, so as much as she didn't want to leave some nights, she had to, or she had no way of getting home. She always had a sense that she needed to take care of him. He didn't have a job, and neither did any of his brothers, but they always seemed to have stuff to party with. Sometimes when his parents had forgotten to send money, the house would get cold.