Thursday, December 31, 2015

How to procrastinate like a BOSS

I am supposed to be working on 2 writing projects at this exact moment, yet here I am online, checking out Facebook and clicking on any random link.
I should be totally panicked, but I'm not.  One assignment is due tomorrow and I'm 2000 words shy of the being finished and I'm not sure that I love it.  I don't have time to send it to a friend to proof.  Why am not freaking out?  I'm sure that will come at some point today if I don't get it done.
I want this assignment to be perfect.  But at this point perfect is not going to happen.
Sorry I got distracted.  I was looking up the benefits of sauerkraut.  Success though, I did find the raw sauerkraut I was looking for.  It's dill and garlic flavored.  (sidebar: write a food blog post about this deliciousness!)
Lately writing has felt like a chore.
Ooops.  I just had this nagging feeling about people who were following me on Twitter.
I'm back.  I had a little distraction.  My mind is thinking about other life related things that I have been avoiding, like taxes and bills.  But this stream of consciousness writing is helping.
4 hours later...
I am no further ahead.
Wow, that was a big one.
Ok, back on track.  Really this time.  It's the end of the year and again I am cleaning up my online world.  My goal is to have no more Drafts left in my posts file.  That will explain the random posts that are appearing now.  Apologies, but I did set up this blog to share my writing woes, the good and the bad.  So this is my bad.  Hopefully in 2016 I will be better disciplined.

wait, was that?
Happy writing!